Fibre Sun Inc.
Goran Ristic Eng.
Tissue Culture Unit – Requested Project from University of Guelph, Horticultural Science Division,  Ontario, Canada. Goal market are Research Institutions and Universities. Device has PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) using PID (4-20mA - Proportional, Integral & Derivation) type of work for control, in two separate (or joined) chambers:

Lighting System uses HID (High Intensity Discharge) Lamp and ~500,000 Elementary Fibre Optic Conduits, giving large amount of PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation – umol m-2 s-1) over Experimental Petrie dishes, equally divided over two testing chambers.

For humidity production used piezoelectric moisture generator(s) and two Peltier-Elements – (Reversible Heat Pumps) for temperature and humidity regulation. System has easy to clean, low class biohazard protection and special three-degree of freedom doors with self-adjusted, magnetic, function.
Electromagnetic valves with optical level sensors used for humidity - water level regulation.
Fibre-optic Grower, device capable to provide high intensity light in all stages of plants grows. PLC is controlling distance between fibre-optic ends and plant’s closest surfaces all the time, following the initial PAR setup (hotosynthetically Active Radiation – umol m-2 s-1).

This device is taking care about day – night cycles as well (part of set-up procedure too).

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) will take other responsibility like pH control, watering or adjusting the feeding components and feeding cycling in hydroponics type of grow procedure than controlling the air temperature, air mixing and air filtering system, etc.

Complex “Tissue Culture Unit” design – will be used for Scientific Biology Research Programs, which has PLC Controlled Air Conditioning System and Fibre Optic Conduits with High Intensity Discharge (HID) Lamp, which is giving large amount of Photo-Synthetically Active Radiation (PAR), much more than any other existing system today. Structure has a Light Intensity Adjusting System, together with a PLC Controlled air Humidity and air Temperature, inside of the two experimental, independent (or joint) small chambers for 24 bio-trial Petrie Dishes. Peltier Element is used as a heat pump for cooling, heating and humidity regulation. I, financially supported by government of Canada, have done comprehensive and successful R&D job.
Progress of this project has been presented to the team of experts like Professor Dr. Mike Dixon than Dr. Jeff Mallany and many others, from University of Guelph - Horticultural Science Division, several times. My work has been presented on the International Biological Science Congress, kept on University of Guelph in front of 300 highly into and oriented scientists, too, 2003.