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Automatic Device for a Badge - Production
I have invented an original automatic device for badge production, intended for the needs of one local businessman. Clearly, it is an machine, utilizing arc welding of a needle of a badge-to-be, as well as of badge's plate. The requirements for this device assumed that the production process would be inexpensive and ideal for small series of badges meant to be produced in domestic conditions. I have created operational principles for such an automatic device:
Positively electrified needle - head of a treated badge should be gradually brought closer, using adequate speed, to a negatively electrified badge - plate. In a certain moment, at the distance of 0.1-0.2 mm, appears a spark whose thermal energy melts both elements (materials) on a treated badge. Such a melted needle - head should be stick into a locally melted plate - surface, being almost instantly cooled down -both because of termination of spark - production and because of a great cooling mass of the badge - plate.

Aggregate of this Automatic device
- Direct - current driving motor with a reducer,       60 min-1
- 12VDC / 6A feed -unit
- Storage compartment for plates with a slide -      component (negative electrode)
- Mobile oscillatory assembling with needles
- Trailing mechanism for needle - heads turning
- System of pulley - blocks and cords (in this particular case a strong industrial thread)
- Relay - assembling with the built-in logic for control of electrical circuit of condensing    apparatus' charging

Synchronizing mechanism:

- Of all mobile mechanical elements
- Of the charging moment of a great capacity condensing apparatus, materialized            through the relay assembling.

The "Synchronizing Mechanism" is the heart of this machine and represents its control unit. Following picture illustrates all above-mentioned aggregates. (See picture) The automata's front plate contains the "Start" and "Stop" switches with signaling lamps, as well as the main feeding and safety switch. The automata - shell is made of dry wood for twofold reason: the galvanic isolation of all the aggregates that this shell interconnects, and minor expenditures caused by the use of this material.