Goran Ristic Eng.   PORTFOLIO
CERN, 28km under-ground particle accelerator
Institute for European Nuclear Research
Model of Radio-frequency System (Accelerator of Particles)
Institute for European Nuclear Research CERN (Conseil Europeen pour la Recherche Nucleaire), Geneva - Switzerland.

I was invited to this prestigious European Institute for Particle Physics and I had stayed there for a year and had contributed few crucial projects that I unfortunately had to abandon because of an International Scientific and Technical Embargo put upon Yugoslavia.

I worked in an exclusive team of engineers-planners who are the first to create the Cyclotron - a machine for manufacturing of accelerating ion panicles. Having 60 MeV and 250 tons, Cyclotron is a uniquely complex and precise mechanism. When constructed, it will be used in both scientific and medical purposes. My contribution to this project includes my innovative work in few engineering fields. Those are:

- Radio-frequency Systems (Accelerator of Particles)-i.e.
- Manufacturing of the Cyclotron models and testing of all characteristics (resonant characteristics and adjusting of the operational points of the Cyclotron - Network or Spectrum Analyzer).
- Magnetic Structures: planning, Designing documentation.
- Vacuum Chamber
Institute for European Nuclear Research - CERN