Goran Ristic Eng.   PORTFOLIO
Line for Production of the Negative Electrode Structure
for a Meteorological Battery System
2.) Machine for Cutting of an Electrode to        a Certain (given) Length

This machine has a task to cut pieces of an electrode from a continual band, starting from 0 to 100 mm and with maximal power of 10 t. This is a universal automatic device for band cutting.
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It consists of following entireties:

- Cutting tools with casing
- Contact pneumatic cylinder of the cutting tools
- Mechanisms for close-trailing and fixation of a       band in the moment of cutting
- Block of pneumatic elements
- Logic control - unit

Logic Control - Unit

The choice of working regime is done on the control -component ("box"). It is possible to choose contacting (firing), or normal working manner - depending on the width of band that should be cut. It is, also, possible to choose an independent or collective processing. The logic of this automatic device is executed in relay technique. The process of band cutting and moving is controlled in a synchronized manner.