Goran Ristic Eng.   PORTFOLIO
Automatic Device for Assembling
of the Meteorological Batteries
The task of this automatic device is to perform assembling of a battery consisting of:

- 10 positive and 10 negative electrodes
- Two technological plates
- Self-adhesive bands

Since the least possible internal resistance of electrochemical system has to be achieved within a battery the contact force has to be precisely defined
Description of the Automatic device
- Press for carrying out of a given force within a battery
- The left and the right storage compartments for positive     and negative electrodes
- Aggregate for thrusting of electrodes from the storage        compartments  (pneumatics cylinders with adequate          compressors)
- Aggregate for thrusting of a battery structure during the      assembling process
- Aggregate for opening and closing of the storage               compartment's bearers, the latter containing electrodes.
Inside: Pneumatic Valves & Logic Control Unit
In my hand is the Logic Control Unit, relay - group consisting of 40 relays with a special built-in (with wire harnesses) operating program
Back view of device. Main pneumatic cylinder - press and regulator of air pressure.
My machine and me.    :-)