I have develop this computing system as a universal assembly for control of an electronic process having the major task of controlling particular segment of such a process, using given software built into its EPROM memory.
This system is capable of functioning completely independently while controlling a certain device (mechanism). This computing system offers extraordinary improvements to be utilized in the software development built into the ROM.
Its hardware is constructed in such a way that it enables the EMULATION of EPROMS through the STATIC RAM that takes its place, so that it could rightfully be named: the Developing System.
PLC - Computer for Control and Development
of an Electronic / Indutrial Process
Microprocessor's Motherboard, Emulator of the EPROM Memory
- Z8OA CPU (Control processing unit)
- 16 Kbytes of EPROM memory
- 16 Kbytes of RAM memory
- Block for addressing of interface plates
- CPU drivers
- Block for separating the address/data bus from the developing computer
- Block for control of the EPROM emulation
- Block for Reset of CPU
- Tact Generator
- Logic-bock for the memory admission

32-channeled AD assembly of the "Marko-Data" computer

- AD converter
- Amplifying block
- Bridge
- Analogous gates
- Address - block
- Thermocouples
32-channeled Device for Control of Digital Output

- Octal D- type Flip - Flop
- Hex - Inverter
- Optical coupler
- Block for consumer's entering.
32-channaled Device for Digital Input Signals

- Octal Buffer - Driver
- Optical coupler
- Generator of Interruption
- External switching "word"
RS232C Communicational  Interface

This assembly has utilized the Intel programmable communicational interface 8251A, which is an universal synchronized I synchronized receiver
Device for implementation of software in EPROM modules

The end of a certain program's development, designed for a particular machine or electronic installation, I use this device to permanently include my program into a chip (EPROM), so that the "Marko-Data" computer becomes an independent unit equipped for total process - control
Block for Control of Power

Block for consumers' entering up to 220/380VAC, 2A
Bus bar plate

For connection between all devices in the system.

Power Supply for "Marko Data" System
Goran Ristic Eng.   PORTFOLIO
"Marko Data" System - Second Generation