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Semi Automatic, Electro-Pneumatic Device for Probation of Glass-Packing Assemblies
In order to recognize and test the characteristics of glass packing assemblies, i.e.:

- the technology of glass production,
- the width of glass  walls and welded
- anti shock elements

When all those elements are exposed to jolting and shaking (negative and positive acceleration), it was necessary to make an adequate apparatus, which simulates such conditions.
My solution to this challenge has been to design the apparatus that operates in a destructive manner, i.e. that causes fracture of greater number of samples, so that the specifies of this procedure's effect can be easily detected.
The force materialized in a specially constructed pneumatic-cylinder (two operating chambers) is seen on manometers. In the moment of fracture the measuring manometer stops for some time (defined by the timer), so that the reading of a measured force can be done. The degree of the apparatus' sensitivity could be chosen on the control panel, i.e. - the choice of certain operational force (100, 200 or 300 N) is to be made on this panel.
"Start" and "Stop" push-buttons control the operational cycle, while the push-button "Tools" cleans the crucial pressing tools from the glass broken into pieces by the air pressure. I have invented and designed, and I have made this device in less than three months.