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Semiautomatic Laboratory Press
for Invented Original Pressing Method
My novel laboratory press is shown in picture1 including all operational aggregates. This machine operates in a semiautomatic regime, i.e. - an operator fills up tools with certain mass manually, whereas an automatic system controls the entire innovative pressing procedure. This automatic device consists of following elements:

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1) Store-bought equipment:
- Hydraulic press with hydraulic pump on foot-drive                     designed to improve servicing of motor vehicles.
- Press' steel frame
- Hydraulic installation
2) Newly fitted equipment:
- Pneumatic aggregates for hydraulic control
- Pneumatic aggregate for pressing-tools control
- Contacting hydraulic manometer
- Device for optical tracking of mechanism's depressing            component
- Tools for newly invented pressing method
- Chamber for work in a controlled atmosphere
- Control and Logic Unit
- Control and Logic Unit

The logic of this press is created by Relay Technique. Precisely the relays are connected in such a way that they have the memory and/or logical function. Because of the universality of this press' work, this automatic device is constructed in such a way that it can easily carry on a classical pressing method, too. This novel system has proved to be an outstandingly profitable one during its seven year long use in laboratory conditions. It has, also, contributed to my invention and improvement of a special industrial press.
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