Goran Ristic Eng.   PORTFOLIO
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Computer, Monitor and My Interface Unit, Click on the picture to see more details
Agregats for Pressing and Packing of Tablets
Agregats for Pressing and Packing of Tablets
Hydro-Pneumatic Press in the Chamber
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Automatic Industrial Pressing Device for
Production of the Positive Plate  Electrodes
Using Mine Invented Original Pressing Method
On the basis of my experience acquired in the course of creation and production of my Laboratory Press (already presented in this explication), I have invented the automatic device for production of plates on industrial level. Those are the plates large in diameter but small in width. This automatic device functions on the same principle as my laboratory developing press..

It should be emphasized that, as opposed to my Laboratory Press that operates in a semiautomatic regime, this industrial press operates in a full automatic regime.

My Industrial Press consists of:
- Hydro - pneumatic 15 t press with a chamber     (functioning in a protected atmosphere)
- Pressing tools (See pictures)
- Aggregate for filling up of the tools with certain   mass, including the mass-storage.
- Aggregate for ejecting of a plate from                  operational tools.
- Aggregate for manipulation of the pans used     for putting aside of plates.
- Aggregate for the pressing-tools control.
Control Unit:
All aggregates have pneumatic cylinders as executive elements. Dampers of airflow control rates of motion of cylinders. Each cylinder is controlled by the mono stable electromagnetic distributor 5/2. Controlling signals for distributors are coming from the intermediate structure (interface) controlled by a computer itself. Control unit consists of:

1. Store-bought elements:
- 8 byte computer with 64 Kbytes of memory 2 MHz
- Black and white monitor
- Program package for writing of a program in the     Mechanical Code (Assembler-Dissembler)

2. Newly constructed and made elements:
- Multi-channeled digital INPUT-OUTPUT                    INTERFACE
- Power supply (low voltage unit for stable feeding     of the electronics)
- Special program invented to regulate and/or             control the entire system
Program - Package
The program-package developed for this press is detailed and encompasses all possible variants in its operation. The program - mask, including operational choices, is created in the "Basic", while all other control routines are written in the Assembler and translated into fastest binary code. Special attention is paid to the program segment designed to test this machine, and to the program segment designed to track a pressing band (to found a pressing point in space). Also, this program - package includes detailed instructions intended for an operator, giving him clear and concise explanations on possible damages of this mechanism and how to fix them - if the mechanism's testing program signals any operational defect.