Goran Ristic Eng.   PORTFOLIO
Left Front View
Right Front View
Control Unit
Detail of Mechanism
Back View
Roller Bearing, Machine for the Electrode - Bands Production
This machine has a task to form an electrode with wire collector using a mass located in reservoirs above horizontally placed rollers. Cable collector runs through the midst of an electrode. (See pictures) This rolling mechanism consists of following entireties:

1.Horizontally placed rollers with the distance -adjustment system
2.Mass - reservoir
3.Aggregate for filling up of the mass towards looms
4.Leading elements
5.Operational group
6.Transmission group (elements of power - transfer)
7.System for momentary breaking of rollers
8.Control Logic
9.Bearing construction
Control Logic

This Roller-bearing system is invented as an integral part of the system for electrode production.  Since the production process presupposes construction of the mechanism for cutting of electrodes to a series of equal segments, the control logic built into a control - box includes a cutting device, too.