Automatic Device for Testing of Thermal Electrochemical Active Elements
Description of Automatic Device

This is an electrical-pneumatic system with two equal devices for measuring of electrochemical elements. Operation and control of those devices is done by a computer placed in a box in front of this machine, i.e. behind the controls. The pneumatic, controlling and regulating components of this mechanism are located in its rear box. Thus, those two boxes - the one in front and another in back of the machine - take up the central location, precisely - they are interpolated into the middle segment of this machine

The Plexiglas chambers are constructed to the left and right sides from the center of the machine, including the openings for operator's hands and special hand savers
Within those chambers, the fine measuring devices are placed. The ventilation system encompasses both chambers. The measuring devices are made of steel resistant to corrosion and acids. Heating bodies are of a standard profile, 1500W per piece.

Owing to an interruptive operational manner, the microprocessor commands the process from both measuring mechanisms so that they work practically independently from each other.

This allows two operators to supervise the process, each one using his measuring mechanism. Each operator could create his own programming, i.e. his own working parameters and could observe their functioning on displays.

This combined hardware - software solution enables this microprocessor to use up its operational maximum. In order to make the use of this processor easy and logical, the control panel is divided into two vertical segments. The machine on the left uses its left side while the machine on the right uses its right side.

The control segment of the control - panel displays special instructions for use of the mechanism in question. Also it includes instructions for decipherment of eventual errors detected by the computer. The computer - box contains interfaces as well as current breakers and triacs, designed to control high-frequency consumption: electrical-magnetic valves and heaters.
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This automatic device has a task to test characteristics of certain materials in their temperature and pressure functions.

Materialized Technical Requirements:

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